How does the pool works?

The private keys of Puzzle 66, 67 and 68 are 17 characters long. The pool only takes the first 7 characters. Let's take a range as an example: "219AF31". When you request it from the pool to scan it, you will actually have scanned the following range: "219AF31000000000" and "219AF31FFFFFFFFF". Each range contains 1.1 trillion private keys.

The pool works with the proof of work system. Each time you request a range, 3 random wallet addresses and private keys are generated. To mark the range, you need to find the private key of these 3 addresses. Such a way is followed to prevent incorrect or malicious markings.

Briefly; The client pulls a random range from the pool. It scans all of it. It also finds the private keys of the desired addresses and uses it for marking. This cycle continues like this.

Once a range is scanned, it can never be scanned again.

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