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Calculate luck and progress on the Bitcoin puzzle challenge.

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Puzzle Progress Calculator

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BTC Puzzle Luck Calculator

Target RangeRepresents the winning HEX.Puzzle 66 Selected0
Total KeysTotal keys/tickets in this round0
AttemptsNumber of attempts to win this round0
Luck RatioThis is your chance%0.00
Every key/ticket scanned in this calculation can win again. Therefore, results above 100% can be obtained. In this pool: once a key is scanned, it will never be scanned again.

What does this page do?

From this page you can easily make scan/time calculations for Bitcoin Puzzle. For example, for Puzzle 66 you can calculate what percentage 1 range has. You can calculate how long it will take to finish a puzzle with the graphics card scanning data you enter. With the chance calculation tool, you can see how much chance you have "at that moment" for the Puzzle you choose. The chance calculator simulates scanning the pool and may result in more than 100% results as it will re-scan the scanned intervals.

Each puzzle is always twice as difficult as the previous puzzle. Therefore, when moving one puzzle forward, the chance drops by 50%.