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Bitcoin Puzzle

The "bitcoin puzzle" created anonymously by someone contains a reward of approximately ~1000 BTC. Its goal is to find the relevant private key in a specified range. There are 160 puzzles in total and 77 of them have been solved. View puzzle list.

What is puzzle?Who created?How difficult?How to win?

You can find the answers to all your questions on the FAQ page.

Ongoing Puzzles

Puzzle 66

Reward (BTC)6.60 BTC
Reward (USD)$456050.30
Pool Speed216.10 Bkeys/s

Puzzle 67

Reward (BTC)6.70 BTC
Reward (USD)$462960.15
Pool Speed0/s

Puzzle 68

Reward (BTC)6.80 BTC
Reward (USD)$469870.00
Pool Speed0/s

*Range based. Each range contains 1 trillion private keys. Also, Test pool (Puzzle 38) supported

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The client and applications are completely open source and accessible via Github.

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Not Just a Pool

There are also useful tools, Bitcoin-related private key list, and more. website is a platform built on “Bitcoin Puzzle” and provides free services for this purpose.'s main goal is to provide a "solo pool" service built on Bitcoin Puzzle. Although our website is a pool website, it also offers extra tools and services.

To join the pool, you must first open a free account on the website. You can then start working in the repository by downloading the open source client shared on the "Github" page. If you wish, you can easily join the pool by using GPU rental services. In this regard, “CloudSearch” offered by Btcpuzzle allows beginners to get started very easily.

Follow this link for a detailed getting started guide.