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Pool Reward Creator

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Pool Reward Creator

Reward Content
Reward Wallet Address
Private Key (HEX)
Private Key (WIF)
MD5 Hash Key [MD5(WIF)]
Encrypted Reward Content
AES 128Bit with MD5 hash key
How to create reward for website? See the PDF diagram for more details on creating rewards.

What is pool reward?

Instead of searching for a one target, find many rewards within the puzzle key range. Find the private key of the target wallet address for the reward pool and open the box from your profile page with this key! Only the person who scans the correct range can unlock the reward! When Bitcrackrandomiser finds the reward, it notifies you and creates a file containing the private key in the application directory.

The rewards are within the range of the current puzzle. The private key is converted to WIF format. Then, it is hashed with MD5. AES 128Bit key is created with this hash value. All users only know the "wallet address" of the private key and try to find it. The probability of finding the pool prize is the same as the probability of finding the main puzzle address. Read the PDF diagram for security details of creating rewards.

You can use this page offline.